Cahto - English


√0rt(default verb root)At least twice in the Cahto corpus, once in Goddard's Bill Ray texts, once in Loeb's materials from Martina and Lucy Ray, verb forms occur without an explicit root. In both cases the prefix strings are specific enough to carry the lexical meaning and predict the missing root. In addition, perhaps coincidentally, the form is a future predictive with the -teelee suffix.√0aa(nin)..0be thusbe thusdee-d(ghin) in fire to roastnaahi-(s)..0go back homego back home
0-2v3-modepfx0-modeimperfective and other non-perfective modes0-2
0-1v2-subjectpfx1it, they; he/sherelatively low animacy2it, them; him/herrelatively low animacy0-0-0-0-0-1
(0)..lsis/saanvt1see2find, happen to findin a less active sense than (0)..lhsis/saan1sg.isaan1I saw it; I found it2sg.ilsaan1you saw itilsaan2perf.ilsaan1you saw itisaan1I saw it; I found itder. ofl-l-classifier√SIS/SAANsee,.catch.sight.of;.find find/seeûl.san(0)..lsis/saan
(0)..lhsis/saanvtfind1pl.dilsaan1we found iidilsaanwe found it1sg.iisaanI find it2pl.olhsaangyou (pl.) found/saw it2sg.ilhsaanyou found it3shilhsisit/he/they see me3anim.chʼilhsaanhe found ittcʼolhsaanlet him find ittsʼilhsaan1he/she found ityaaʼlhsisthey find itdist.yaaʼlhsisthey find it+ 3obv. obj.yiilhsaanit found itimpf.shilhsisit/he/they see meyaaʼlhsisthey find itdilsaan2dilsiseedilsaan-ʼangii ?ilhsaang2you (sg.) find itisaang3I find it; I see itishsaan-eeiisaan-iiyaalhsisyiilhsaanghe/it has found itopt.tcʼolhsaanlet him find itperf.chʼilhsaanhe found itdilsaan1we found ilhsaanyou found itiidilsaanwe found itiisaanI find itolhsaangyou (pl.) found/saw ittsʼilhsaan1he/she found ityiilhsaanit found it+ 1sg. obj.shilhsisit/he/they see me+ 3 obj.tcʼolhsaanlet him find it+ 3indf. obj.chʼilhsaanhe found itder. oflh-1lh-classifier√SIS/SAANsee,.catch.sight.of;.find find/seetses, tsan(win)..lhtsis, tsa:nsûʟ.saN(0)..lhsis/saannoo..lsis/saansee/catch.sight.ofsee P

Buttons for √, *, <, -, etc. will eventually be gone, but are currently needed as part of the editing and structuring process.